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Mr. Stephen Lange » Statistics Resources

Statistics Resources

Student Resources
A Nice Guide to Resources for the AP Statistics Class
Oatbran Excel Statistics Tools
Video Resources and Syllabus\

Stattools.net - has many Calculators

STATS 24x7  Good stuff on R and Excel

Inference on the TI Calculators
A Nice Summary of Inference Rules Using the TI Calculator

Statistics Vocabulary List
This is a Good One 

Comprehensive Help
Math is Fun! Data Section
Data Sets

Unit 1: Describing and Analyzing Data

Frequency table
quantitative skills

Dot Plot
RossmanChance Applet

Pie Chart

Bar Graph

Dot Plot


Stem and Leaf Plot

Time Plot (Scatter Plot)

Mean, Median, Mode, Range

5 Number Summary

Percentiles (General)

5 Number Summary Calculator- Easycalculation.com

Box and Whisker Plot

Standard Deviation

Normal Distribution and Standard Normal 

Ron Blond Has the Coolest One!

Normal Distributions on a Graphing Calculator- From MathBits 

Scatter Plots
Two Variable Statistical Calculator- Applet
Scatterplot in Excel Instructions



Correlation and Regression Applet Cool! From BPS    -  A Must Click!
                                                  From NCTM
Another Correlation Guessing Game- Not Bad!

A major Co-relation Linear Regression Powerpoint: Correlation and Causality [.pdf]

Linear Regression
y= a + bx   r-squared analysis residuals predictions influential points

Regression by Eye

Shodor Regression

NCTM Illuminations

Line of Best Fit    Linear Regression I

A Great Scatter, Regression, Correlation Demo from UC Berkeley

Another Regression Calculator- Does Nonlinear Too!

Linear Regression on a Graphing Calculator- From Mathbits

Residuals, Outliers and Influential Points 


Other Regressions
Quadratic Regression
Exponential Regression
Power Regression
Logarithmic Regression

Two Way Tables/Frequency Distributuion  Wiki
Marginal Distributions Wiki
Conditional Distribution Wiki
Simpson's Paradox Wiki

Sampling Techniques
Sampling - Wiki
Random Number Tables Go to Tables and Formulas, Download Page 5
Moore BPS Applets also has a lottery ball random generator
Random Number Generator Random.org

Experimental Design


Casino Lab

Distribution of Sample Means
Cool Applet #1 for Sample Means

Control Charts

Binomial Distribution



Confidence Intervals

Confidence Interval Wikipedia

Wolframalpha Calculator for Z Interval

Confidence Interval Calculator #1 Dimension Research

Confidence Interval Calculator from Mcallum Layton

Confidence Intervals in Excel Notes

Significance Tests

One sample T Test Calculator from Useable Stats
t-test Confidence Interval Calculator from Dimension Research


Two Sample T Tests

UCLA Lecture Powerpoint Notes

Sample Questions
Lizards and Stamina

Pooled or Unpooled?

Two Sample T-Test Calculator
P-Value Calculator for Two Samples from Useable Stats (includes confidence interval)
Two Sample Calculators from Vassarstats

One Sample Proportion Z Test and Confidence Interval
P-Value Calculator for One Sample Proportions - Weesa.net
Confidence Interval for Proportion Calculator-  Dimension Research

One proportion Confidence Interval calculator
Confidence Interval for Proportion - Vassar Stats

One-Sample Z Test for the Proportion - FTP

Sample Size Discussion/Worksheet


Two Sample Proportion Z Test and Confidence Interval

Two Sample Proportion Z Test and Confidence Interval
Two Sample Proportion Calculators from Dimension Research (can be used for one sample if you treat one group like a population [large sample size])

This one finds the EXACT P-VALUE if you have Chi-Squared
Online Chi Squared Calculator Complete
Chi Squared Applet from stat.tamu

Linear Regression Testing BPS 24
Online Regression Calculator With Confidence Levels- Here
On a TI-84 Guide Here
On Excel- Click Here
Wikipedia- Analysis of Variance


A Nice One Way ANOVA Calculator


Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)