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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you apply to the School for Advanced Studies?
Applications for the school are available during the month of May. They are available in the SAS office at Hollywood High School.
2. How do students qualify for the School for Advanced Studies?
Students who are identified as "gifted" qualify, along with other high-achieving students.
3. Are permits available?
Permits are available to all students who live in the LAUSD area.
4. How many students are in the School for Advanced Studies?
There are over 460 students currently enrolled in the program.
5. How many ninth-graders are admitted each year?
We admit 140-170 students per year.
6. What types of club activities are available?
A wide range of clubs and activities designed to engage every interest and talent are available. School for Advanced Studies students are accomplished scholar athletes, performers and leaders. Clubs include the California Scholarship Federation, Junior State of America, Thespian Club, Track and Field, Fencing, the Treehuggers Club, etc. A complete list of available clubs is listed at the school's website.
7. Where have School for Advanced Studies students gone to college?
The list includes:

Yale, MIT, University of California at Los Angeles, Berkeley, Davis, Merced, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Irvine; the University of Southern California; Stanford University; Brown University; Occidental College; Harvey-Mudd College; Pennsylvania State University; Mount Saint Mary University; Loyola Marymount University . . . . and many more. Hollywood High School has a skilled and efficient college placement program and advisor to assist students in choosing and applying for their ideal university placement.