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Summer Assignments

Dear Current and Incoming SAS Students:
These are your summer assignments. SAS students are dedicated learners and learning does not stop for the summer. Please complete the assignments by the first day of the new school year.
If you have any further questions, please contact the appropriate teacher or counselor.
Summer Assignment By Subject
Incoming 9th Graders
Summer Reading Assignment
Choose any 2 books from the Summer Reading List (file below). For each book you read, fill out the appropriate Summer Reading Form (Book Report Fiction or Book Report Non-Fiction). Please bring the completed forms to class on your first day of school (September 13th).
Students may also want to consider reading books from this list for their own enjoyment.

In addition, in lieu of one of the books, students may also choose to participate in a museum or cultural visit with their parents.  To do this, they must have proof of attendance and complete the Museum Visit Form.
Students entering AP Calculus need to work on their prerequisite skills. Calculus is not that hard if they have mastered algebraic topics like solving equations, factoring, functions, exponents and logs and basic trigonometry.  
AP Calculus - Summer 2017
Calculus AP Students are to complete THE SUMMER PACKET to discuss and review at the start of the school year. You do not have to print every page, just work on the problems and bring work and questions.
A smaller version is here: (Calculus Summer Packet.pdf) without some problems

There are 15 Units, so you should do 2 Units Each Week during the summer.

Students may sign up  with their lausd email and complete all of the EXERCISES at khanacademy.org (go to Khanexercises, or google it) through calculus.
Students are encouraged to review basic math skills and precalculus as well.  Great materials can be found at www.mastermathmentor.com.
Other Math Classes

All students are recommended to practice math one way or another.  Mr. Lange has many resources for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus (Trig/MA), and Statistics on his website and blog (www.mrlangemath.com). 
Online study and practice is recommended, and one of the best places to study online is by using www.khanacademy.org (exercises at www.khanexercises.appspot.com). Use your @mymail.lausd.net address when logged into KhanAcademy, please. 

   Incoming 10th Grade English Assignment [2017]
All 9th Graders going into the 10th grade are expected to complete the following assignment:


  1. Go to YouTube and choose three of the following TEDx Teen videos to watch. Your choices are:


"Changing the World in Your Pajamas" (Ciara Judge)

"Leadership: The Next Generation" (Jennifer Corriero)

"Empowering Girl Changemakers" (Sejal Hathi)

"Challenge Convention" (Josh Valman)

"Make Your Own Road" (Sujay Tyle)


2. Complete a SOAPStone graphic organizer for each video you watch. (same attachment as last year. Let me know if you need me to send it again).

    Summer Work Assignment-AP English Language 2017
Students enrolled in Mr. Carmicle's, Mr. Medoway's or Ms. Cusolito’s AP English Language classes are expected to complete the following assignment:
for English language
   Summer Work Assignment-AP English Literature 2017
Students enrolled in Ms. Tobenkin's AP Literature classes should complete the assignment:
2017 AP Lit Summer Assignment 
     Honors/Regular Expository Composition

Students in Ms. Cusolito's 12th grade class should complete
Social Studies
Honors Economics- no summer assignment

AP Government- Complete this assignment regarding Supreme Court decisions during the summer

Contact Mr. Fitzpatrick by email if you have any questions.

Foreign Language
The assignment is also available for download below. 
Find the appropriate summer assignment below.
Suggested reading for both AP and Honors Bio is "Letters to a Young Scientist" by Edward O. Wilson.

Foreign Language


Find the appropriate summer assignment below.