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Think Like an Expert, Become an Expert

One of Hollywood High School's School for Advanced Studies' missions is to get our students to "Think Like an Expert" and to "Become an Expert"
With this program, we hope students will take an interest, pursue it and grow. We hope they get involved with clubs and competitions in their fields of interest to help make them college and career ready.
Think Like an Expert-- Students will be involved in classroom activities that out them in the roles of experts in various professional fields. They will use the vocabulary and consider the issues facing those professionals. In math, they might have to think like a business owner. In science, they will look at issues from the perspective of a climatologist or a genetic engineer. In social studies, students will learn to "read like a historian" and use primary sources. English teachers will have students reading texts and analyzing them from multiple perspectives.
Become an Expert- Students will have the opportunity to choose an area of interest and staff will provide them with opportunities to learn more about their field and grow.
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