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Sheiks, what are your plans for summer this year? Click on one of the options below!


  • Going to Disneyland/Six Flags
  • Strawberry Farm/Picnic
  • Beach/Pool
  • Boat Trip/ Fishing
  • California Science Center/Summer classes
  • Museum/Aquarium 



Happy Thursday Sheiks! What is your favorite summer memory? Share it on your stories and tag @hwoodasb



As we begin to open back up Hollywood ASB has some fun (and safe) ideas for places to visit over summer vacation!




Good morning Sheiks! As we ease into the end of the school year, here are some tips so you can get the most out of your summer experience!




Hey Sheiks! This upcoming week we’ll be giving some fun tips and tricks for you to use this upcoming summer! Stay tuned!




Happy Friday, Sheiks! Important Tip #4: Focusing on a career path can help narrow down your possible career options.




Hey Sheiks! Important Tip #3: ASB Leadership wants you to know about an incredible opportunity during college application: the COMMON APPS!




Good Morning, HHS! Important Tip #2:

Keep a Good Relationship with Staff & Teachers!




Good morning! Important Tip #1: When applying for a college, what should you look for?





Good morning Sheiks! Stay tuned for College Readiness 

tips we will be sharing with you this week!




Join the Mental Health Awareness Week Vision Board meeting today at 3:30 pm! Materials you should bring include the following: poster board/cork board (any size), glue/tape, magazine images or pictures, mementos, anything that can inspire you or remind you of your future goals! 


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 878 7524 4108

Passcode: 611506








Happy Friday Sheiks! As the year is coming to an end, finals are coming up. We wish you good luck on your finals and final assignments. Sheik Pride!






ASB Leadership presents to you a self empowerment book that can help you be creative. “Think Outside the Box” by Amelia Pond. 





Happy Wednesday Sheiks! ASB Leadership presents to you some methods and tips for finals! Need more advice or want to learn more? Join us today at our Mental Health Awareness Meeting at 3:30pm!


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 878 7524 4108

Passcode: 611506





AP exams are coming up, Sheiks! Here are some helpful AP teachers on YouTube. Good luck! 




Sheiks! Here’s another vision board to brighten your day and hopefully spark some well deserved inspiration! 

Quick Tip: Setting your vision board as your screensaver may help keep you motivated and keep your goals front and center.






Good morning, Sheiks! Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Make sure to check out the link for resources for finals! CLICK THE POSTER FOR MORE INFO!






Feeling like you’re not sure of your style, esthetic, or even of what you will eat next week? Try creating a vision board. This simple yet creative activity can unlock inspiration to help you unwind, focus, and prepare for the next chapter of life: SUMMER! Vision Board by Nia Donely-Houston








The Retrieval Study technique is all about using techniques we all have been familiar with since we were kids! From using flashcards, practicing test questions, and doing other methods, you are able to become comfortable with studying and it helps increase your chances of success!





Today’s study technique is called Feynman and is all about understanding the material as you study. If you understand a concept enough, it should be easy for you to teach it to someone easier! As you help someone understand the material, you are reteaching and helping yourself learn about it more.


thurs 2



Is memorizing hard for you to do before exams? Then this technique is just what you need to retain information! All you need are some flashcards and by following the steps below, you can access a new way of trying to memorize new material!







Are you a visual learner? If so, then this post is perfect for you! Mind mapping and Color Coding notes  are techniques that allow you to visually organize information in a diagram. Similar to how our brains store and retrieve information. Try it out!






It’s Day 5 of SPIRIT WEEK, Sheiks! Welcome to the long awaited…. Pep Rally Day! We are excited to announce ROLLL CALLL!!! Show some love for the best grade and post a picture of the grade you’re in with the corresponding colors. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @hwoodasb. And may the best grade win!



Welcome to Day 4 of SPIRIT WEEK, Sheiks! We all know that plants are beautiful and fun to take care of. Show us your green thumb by taking a photo of your plants and tag us @hwoodasb on Instagram!




Hello Sheiks! Welcome to Day 3 of SPIRIT WEEK. We are halfway through the week so why don’t you go out and treat yourself to some Starbucks! Be sure to tag us @hwoodasb on Instagram with your drink recommendations!



Happy Tuesday Sheiks! Welcome to Day 2 of SPIRIT WEEK! 

Post your favorite meme and tag us @hwoodasb! Happy meme day!



Hey Sheiks, Welcome to Day 1 of SPIRIT WEEK! 

Let’s start off by showing off your baking skills! 

Bake your favorite treats and post it on Instagram. 

Be sure to tag us @hwoodasb, too!





Yay it’s Friday! Did you know that self care is one way of appreciating yourself? Here’s a bingo to mark what self care activities you have been doing! Don’t forget to share and tag @hwoodasb :)




Good morning Sheiks, are you ready to make the most out of your test-taking skills? Here are some ways to make sure you are!





Give a shout-out to a leadership member or other students who’ve made your time at Hollywood HS memorable and fun!





Hey Sheiks, as AP Exams and finals are slowly approaching, we thought we could share some time management techniques to make your study time more effective. You are in the final stretch, you got this!





Hey Sheiks! It's been a very weird year, but we’d like to hear your favorite events that were held this school year. Comment on our IG @hwoodasb your favorite event/day this year! 





Happy Tuesday Sheiks! Let’s show some appreciation since today is teacher appreciation day! Make a story and shout out a teacher or Hollywood HS staff. Don’t forget to tag hwoodasb on Instagram.




Sheiks! Here is your daily reminder that getting a good amount of rest is not only vital for your health but also is helpful for long hours of testing!




Hey Hollywood High, ASB Leadership presents appreciation week! Starting tomorrow, there will be a series of posts in which you will be able to appreciate students, staff, and yourself! Stay tuned for more! 




Hey Sheiks! Starting today ASB Leadership will be sharing weekly study tips! With upcoming exams coming up, we wish you good luck! Remember to keep studying to the last minute!












Good morning Sheiks! ASB Leadership presents Motivational Week of Quotes! This week we will be providing motivational quotes all week long. Comment down below some quotes that motivate you.




Hey Sheiks! Here are some more facts that you should know regarding Autism Awareness!



Happy Wednesday! Meet some amazing achievers who are part of the Autism Community!






Good morning Sheiks!! Today we’re going to teach you helpful ways to interact with autistic people! Hope you find this informative and as always, SHEIK PRIDE!














Here are some tips on how to have a fun movie night with your friends! Be sure to tag @hwoodasb if you try it! 






Hello sheiks! Post your favorite film and tag us @hwoodasb!





Hey there sheiks? Do you have a sweet tooth? Learn how to bake homemade brownies with a pro baker, Aimee. Click on the poster to view the recipe!





Hey sheiks! Show us your hidden talents in your stories! Be sure to tag @hwoodasb so we can repost it! 




Hey Sheiks! Join us for pet showcase day. Share a picture of your pet or pets. Tag @hwoodasb





Happy Friday Seniors! We want to know how cute you were as a baby! Post your baby picture along with your senior quote and tag us @hwoodasb.




Happy Thursday Seniors! Let us know what college or university you have committed to. Make sure to tag us @hwoodasb.





Hello Seniors! Let us know what you accomplished throughout your four years in Hollywood Highschool. Use the template to organize your post and make sure to tag us @hwoodasb.








Hey Seniors! Now that you’re graduating, we want to know what’s in store for your future! Tell us some of your plans by filling out this vision board and tag us @hwoodasb.



































Hi Sheiks! We’re starting off Spring Sports Week with the spirit squad. Check out the video showcasing famous cheerleaders, dancers, and marching bands.







Happy Monday Sheiks! Welcome to Spring Sports Week from the 22nd-25th. These are all the sports we offer during the spring semester. Please take a look at all the possibilities we offer and tag @hwoodasb!
































Please join our ASB Hero Squad and donate to LLS today!






Happy Friday Sheiks! Meet our only candidate running for Associated Student Body Secretary, Henry Rodas!




Happy Thursday Sheiks! Meet our second candidate running for Associated Student Body Vice President, Ashley Jung!




Happy Thursday Sheiks! Each day 1,297,027 people are fighting against Leukemia or Lymphoma. Help spread awareness or donate to LLS Hero Squad to help those in need! Click on the poster to Donate!

Hero Squad


Hey there Sheiks! Meet our first candidate running for Associated Student Body Vice President, Giovanni Maya!






Happy Wednesday Sheiks! The board invites you to watch this video to get more information about the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Hero Squad mission. Visit @hwoodasb on Instagram to see the video!







Happy Tuesday Sheiks! Meet our second candidate running for Associated Student Body President, Belen Cruz!






Hey Sheiks! Did you know that one person is diagnosed with blood cancer every three minutes in the United States? Click on the poster to join our Hero Squad with Hollwood ASB and donate!: 







Happy Monday Sheiks! This month of March, ASB Leadership will be hosting a fundraising in order to raise money and awareness for LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). To bring awareness to where these blood cancers originate, let’s all draw the red blood cell and tag @hwoodasb on your stories! 




HOLLYWOOD HS STUDENTS! Associated Student Body Elections are coming up next week! You are all invited to vote for your 2021-2022 ASB Leadership Officers starting March 8 to March 12! This week, you will learn more about your incredible peers who want to make your 

2021-2022 school experiences the best by running for the positions of ASB President, Vice President, and Secretary!








Sheiks meet today’s first candidate running for ASB President, Marvin Centeno!









Be sure to pre-register and attend the Senior Class of 2021 Assembly 

Wednesday, February 24th at 11:30 am! 






Hey Sheiks, this week we have a fun little activity for you guys! Participate in our “Would You Rather” game by voting on our polls on IG @hwoodasb. We will be starting off the game with a food edition! 



Would you rather eat your favorite meal every day or never eat it again?

Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or allergic to bread?

Would you rather have all your food be spicy or have all your food be sweet?

Would you rather work at Chick-fil-A or work at the fanciest restaurant in town?

Would you rather have to eat one dog treat per day plus whatever food you want or never eat dog food, but you can only eat cereal?



As the curtain closes on senior year, we invite all senior performers to send us a video of doing what they do best; performing! ASB Leadership invites you to share your talents with the student body. CLICK ON THE POSTER to fill out the Google Formand prepare a video of you either singing a song (musical or otherwise), dancing, playing an instrument, performing a monologue, etcetera. We are so proud of you! 


curtain closes






Would You Rather week continues! Today’s edition is school. Interact on our story @hwoodasb, we want to see your choices!


Would you rather teach a class in high school or have your parents teach one of your classes?

Would you rather clean the bathroom at your school or clean up after lunch in the cafeteria at your school?

Would you rather be the best player on a team that always loses or a benchwarmer on a team that always wins?

Would you rather be the smartest student or be the best athlete at your school?

Would you rather sing in front of the whole school or be in a spelling bee in front of the entire school?




Today’s “Would You Rather” theme is Fantasy! Make sure to participate in our polls and tag @hwoodasb!




Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?

Would you rather become a ghost or a vampire?

Would you rather become a character in your favorite anime or become a millionaire in the real world?

Would you rather have magic powers or wings?

Would you rather have super strength or super hearing?




Today’s theme is Technology! We want to see the choices you pick, don’t forget to head over to our story @hwoodasb to play.



Would you rather carry a flip phone or only use a desktop computer?

Would you rather spend a day without your phone or a day with no people at all?

Would you rather only charge your phone once a week or not have a camera on your phone?

Would you rather only use Netflix or Disney plus?

Would you rather only use email to communicate or only use voice calls (no video calls)?




Happy Friday Sheiks! We’re ending off our “Would You Rather” activity with a Pop Culture Edition. Make sure to participate in the last round!! IG @hwoodasb



Would you rather be a famous rapper or a famous singer?

Would you rather win American Idol or American Ninja Warrior?

Would you rather perform at the Super Bowl halftime show or play football in the Super Bowl?

Would you rather become tik tok famous or movie famous?

Would you rather have to listen to only Justin Bieber or only Ariana Grande for the rest of your life?










Hey Sheiks! This post spreads awareness about Black Lives Matter. Founded in 2013, after the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin, BLM started a mission to end white supremacy. To visit the BLM official website please click the poster. 




Hello Sheiks! One of today's posts is about an African American comedian, actress, and performer Moms Mabley. Gaining attraction for 50 years and headlining for “Amazing Grace” and “Boarding House of Blues”. To learn more about Moms Mabley, click the poster below!

Moms Mabley


Hello again, Sheiks! Our other post today is about the famous Nicholas Brothers. Due to their great dance numbers, they performed at musical films, movies, and Broadway musicals, The Nicholas Brothers broke color barriers allowing minorities to continue to dream. To learn more about the Nicholas Brothers, click the poster below.


The Nicholas Brothers


Happy Thursday Sheiks! For day three of acknowledging Black History influencers, we would like to introduce Bayard Rustin and Mary Ellen Pleasant. Click on the posters to learn more about these incredible Civil Rights Activists!




Sheiks, we would like to acknowledge Shirly Chisholms and Booker T. Washington for creating a powerful impact in today’s society. Their incredible efforts have built bridges to a better future for following generations through improving education and political actions! Click on the posters to learn more!










Happy Monday Sheiks! 

For today’s activity, share your workspace on your stories and tag @hwoodasb! 



Happy Tuesday Sheiks! What kind of music do you like listening to? 

Share your study playlist with us and make sure to tag @hwoodasb on your stories! 



Happy Wednesday Sheiks! Share your goals/wishes with us for this upcoming semester! It can be personal wishes or school-related choices! Tag @hwoodasb. 



Happy Thursday Sheiks! What is your favorite food? Show us your favorite snack to eat during your zoom classes! Be sure to tag @hwoodasb when you post on your story!



Happy Friday Sheiks! To wrap up the week, show us how you get ready to start school! Share your stories and tag @hwoodasb!








Happy Tuesday Sheiks! This week's posts are brought to you by Service and Wellness! They are going to share with you their self-care routines! So what is a self-care routine? It is something that makes you feel good about yourself during stressful times and helps you to relax. Our amazing Service and Wellness members have recorded their own unique ways on how they demonstrate self-care!



Introducing Nia from Service and Wellness! Today Nia would like to share with you her creative self-care routine, her art! Click the poster for the video and enjoy!

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Hi Sheiks! Introducing Michelle from Service and Wellness!  Today, Michelle would like to share with you one of her favorite things to do during my free time...Gymnastics! 

Click the poster for the video and Stay Positive!



Happy Thursday Sheiks! Self-care is something we should all do! Introducing Paula from Service and Wellness.  Paula’s self-care is showing her pets some TLC. You may wonder how petting your pets can be a form of self-care, check out the cuteness link and click on the poster for Paula’s video! Happy self-care everyone!




Hey Sheiks! Introducing Sarah from Service and Wellness! We are almost through the week so keep working hard but don’t forget to take care of yourselves! Sarah takes care of herself by doing things that she likes: Swimming and Gaming! Click the poster to see!




Hey Sheiks! Introducing Ashley from Service & Wellness! Ashley’s self-care is expressed through food! Not just the eating, but the cooking as well. Ashley loves to experiment with new ingredients and recipes and SHARING with her family! Hope this inspires you to start your very own cooking!





Happy FRIDAY to you all Sheiks! Introducing Henry! Henry’s method of self-care is reading because being in between the pages of a book is where he loves to be! Have a great weekend! 



Then YOU should join HOLLYWOOD LIVE aka ROCK BAND!

Instructor Trenten Durazo will teach you how to RECORD and PRODUCE

your OWN Music! Classes meet Every Day Monday through Friday 2:30-4PM.

JUST CLICK THE POSTER for the zoom link and Go!

For more info email trenten.durazo@lausd.net or Carlos at ca@lacerstars.org


Zoom Link: 866 7390 0388 Password: lacer 

Monday (1/25): Recall your Favorite Memories or Favorite Event from the Sports Games we’ve had at Hollywood High School, Spirit Squad is included! Post a picture of your favorite event from the sports games we’ve had at Hollywood High and tag @hwoodasb or you can comment on your favorite event/memory.


Tuesday (1/26): Recount your favorite memory of something you and your friend did at Hollywood High. Comment and share your fondest high school memories that happened at Hollywood High! Tag @hwoodasb so we can post them! 


Wednesday (1/27): A post geared towards the Class of 2021. Seniors, our time as high school students is ending soon. Rank your years at Hollywood from best to worst based on grade level and comment below the post on @hwoodasb. We are proud of you! You’ve done so much good and you’ve been killing the game. 


Thursday (1/28): Imagine you are a DJ at one of our dances, what would be on your playlist? What’s the order? 

Post a picture of your playlist and tag @hwoodasb


Friday (1/29): All of us had some sort of expectation when it came to high school. Whether that was assuming it would be like a TV show, that you’d date the *captain of the football team, be valedictorian, etc. Share what yours was!


For today’s welcome back to school activity, we want you to share your favorite breakfast meal or snack that gets you started for your classes! Post a picture of the foods and tag @hwoodasb or comment down below!!



We want to challenge you! Watch and educational TV, TedTalks, informative podcasts, or youtube videos to learn something new today! Share what you watched or learned!



Hey Sheiks! Go to your classes showing off your favorite virtual background, then take a screenshot and post it onto your story or dm the picture to the Instagram account! Make sure to tag @hwoodasb



Happy Friday Sheiks! To end the week off on a lighter note, share a picture or video from one of your favorite sports events you’ve been to at school! Make sure to tag @hwoodasb 

Good Morning Sheiks! March 21st is Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

Here are a couple of facts about Down Syndrome!








Hey there Sheiks! Let's break the tie! Join us and hear from your candidates at the ASB Vice Presidential Debate TOMORROW Wednesday, March 17, 2021 @12pm.Please pre-register by clicking the poster below to access the zoom. You sure don't want to miss out!









Hello sheiks! This week we’ll be spreading awareness regarding Down Syndrome. 

In today’s post, we’ll be answering what Down syndrome is. 


DSA mon








Last week’s election for next year’s ASB Vice President between Ashley Jung and Giovanni Maya resulted in a TIE! This week we will be hearing from the candidates again in new campaign videos and in a live lunchtime debate on Wednesday! Please be on the lookout for the new voting google doc and cast your vote for next year’s ASB VP!






SHEIKS! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR LLS HERO SQUAD FUNDRAISER! Please go to https://events.lls.org/pages/calso/Hollywood-High-School-2021/hwoodasb

and make your donation today! Thank you to everyone who helped support Hollywood ASB and LLS! Please watch and enjoy the video 2021 Hero Squad Honored Heroes.   Thank you so much for your dedication to our LLS mission!





Everyone is touched by cancer in some way. Our school is proud to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) this school year through the Hero Squad community service-learning program!









Hello Sheiks! Hero Squad donations are due Friday! This is our final week participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Hero Squad program. As we finish our program this week, there’s still time to support! To join in our efforts, CLICK ON THE POSTER! Every hero needs a squad! 





How many lives can we change in 24 hours? Fighting cancer is in our blood, Sheiks! Please join our ASB Hero Squad and donate! Click the poster!






Our School Helps Heroes Like 7-Year-Old Madelina! Meet Madelina, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) survivor, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Hero Squad National Honored Hero! Heroes like Madelina never take on cancer alone - they have an entire squad to support them such as family, teachers, and friends. Madelina enjoys ballet and gymnastics. She also loves to play with her dolls and spend time with her big sister Gianna.




Hey there Sheiks!

The 2020-2021 school year started and we hope you have finally settled in!

We as the ASB Leadership Board of Officers want to remind you that we stand by you and want to make this year great as much as possible. We ask you to feel free to email or DM us any of your concerns, suggestions, and much more! Here are your 2020-2021 ASB Leadership Board members