Freshman Wheel Choir (Period PERIOD 1) Assignments

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Alma Mater Vocal Recording Measure 1-8

Record yourself singing along with your vocal part track measures 1-8.


You will need to PLAY the track from another device other than the computer in front of you. So you can play it from your phone or if you can figure out a way to play it through your computer on another page, that's fine too.  Just make sure the track isn't too loud and I can hear you clearly.  

You will be using your computer to RECORD yourself. I prefer VIDEO and AUDIO together so I can SEE you while you sing and give you feedback on posture, breathe support, vowel shapes, etc. ALL THE THINGS that will improve your seeing. I know that some of you will be uncomfortable at first, but TRUST me, IT"S ONLY ME seeing this, and I can't really help you as much if I can ONLY HEAR you. I would like to SEE you, too - So VIDEO and AUDIO are best.

Below is a link that explains the technical side of how you record yourself right here on Schoology. 

I look forward to your first submissions!