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Academic Tutoring

Do you need a place to study? Consider attending Academic Tutoring (Study Hall+).

  Registered students can come to the library unannounced to study in a quiet, comfortable space.


Peer Tutors will be available to assist with writing assignments. If you feel “stuck” or need clarification on your essays, you can ask quick questions of a tutor while you work independently or collaboratively with your peers in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.


The tutor may answer questions, provide direction, or encourage collaboration among students with similar or complementary issues. Students, of course, can come and go in this open-entry, open-exit lab.


If you would rather have more time with a tutor, feel free to make an appointment to meet with a tutor in the Library or ask us about our Workshop Series!


  • Any students interested in community service hours by becoming a Peer Tutor, please visit us in the LACER office room 603.
  • Teachers wanting to set Study Hall+ extra credit, email rs@lacerstars.org; and set up a class visit.