Hollywood High School

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3rd and 6th Period: Theatre II (Theatre Foundations A/B)

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to some of the many facets of theatre and strengthen their skills in literary analysis, public presentation, and performance abilities. Students will engage in historical study of staging conventions, playwriting trends, historical and cultural influences, as well as examine character and plot mechanics in some of the most famous plays ever written. Each unit will contain content vocabulary, a written assessment, and a performance or design project.
This is the first course of a two-year CTE Course Sequence for Theatre Performance.  Students enrolled in Theatre Foundations must complete Advanced Theatre A/B the following school year.
Learning Outcomes:
  1. I can use personal experiences and knowledge to develop a character that is believable and authentic in a theatre work. (Acc.TH:Cr1b)
  2. I can refine a dramatic concept to demonstrate a critical understanding of historical and cultural influences of original ideas applied to a theatre work in western or non—western traditions. (Acc.TH:Cr2a)
  3. I can cooperate as a creative team to make interpretive choices for a theatre work. (Acc.TH:Cr2b)
  4. I can use research and script analysis to revise physical, vocal and physiological choices impacting the believability and relevance of a theatre work. (Acc. TH:Cr3b)
  5. I can discover how unique choices shape believable and sustainable theatre work. (Acc.TH:Pr4a)
  6. I can identify essential text information, research from various sources and the director’s concept that influence character choices in a theatre work (Acc.TH:Pr4b)
  7. I can refine a range of acting skills to build a believable and sustainable theatre performance (Acc.TH:Pr5a)
  8. I can present a theatre work using creative processes that shape the production for a specific audience. (Acc.TH:Pr6)
  9. I can demonstrate an understanding of multiple interpretations of artistic criteria and how each might be used to influence future artistic choices of a theatre work. (Acc.TH:Re7)
  10. I can develop detailed supporting evidence and criteria to reinforce artistic choices when participating or observing a theatre work. (Acc.TH:Re8a)
  11. I can debate and distinguish multiple aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs through participation in and observation of a theatre work. (Acc.TH:Re8c)
  12. I can justify how a theatre work communicates for a specific purpose and audience. (Acc.TH:Re9b)
  13. I can choose and interpret a theatre work to reflect or question personal beliefs. (AccTH:Cn10)
  14. I can integrate conventions and knowledge from different art forms and other disciplines to develop a cross-cultural theatre work. (Acc.TH:Cn11.1)
  15. I can formulate creative choices for a devised or scripted theatre work based on research about a selected topic. (Acc.TH:Cn11.2a)