Hollywood High School

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5th Period: Theatre III (Theatre Foundations A/B)

Course Description

This is an advanced course designed to provide additional theatre training and performance opportunities for those students deeply interested in the theatre arts. Over the course of each unit students will refine their text analysis, acting, voice and speech, and physical storytelling skills as they craft multiple performances throughout the year. Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to direct and write their own work, as well as perform one-act plays at the end of the fall and spring semester as part of the Hollywood High Theatre Department season.
Learning Outcomes:
  1. I can integrate cultural and historical contexts with personal experiences to create a character that is believable and authentic in a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Cr1b)
  2. I can collaborate as a creative team to discover artistic solutions and make interpretive choices in a devised or scripted theatre work. (Adv.TH:Cr2b)
  3. I can synthesize ideas from research, script analysis, and context to create a performance that is believable, authentic, and relevant in a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Cr3b)
  4. I can apply a variety of researched acting techniques as an approach to character choices in a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Pr4b)
  5. I can use and justify a collection of acting exercises from reliable resources to prepare a believable and sustainable performance. (Adv.TH:Pr5a)
  6. I can present a theatre production for a specific audience that employs research and analysis grounded in creative perspectives of the playwright, director, designer and dramaturgy. (Adv.TH:Pr6)
  7. I can use historical and cultural context to structure and justify personal responses to a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Re7)
  8. I can use detailed supporting evidence and appropriate criteria to revise personal work and interpret the work of others when participating in or observing a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Re8a)
  9. I can support and explain aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to create a context for critical research that informs artistic decisions in a theatre work. (Adv.TH:Re8c)
  10. I can compare and debate the connection between a theatre work and contemporary issues that may impact audiences. (Adv.TH:Re9b)
  11. I can collaborate on a theatre work that examines a critical global issue using multiple personal, community, and cultural contexts. (Adv.TH:Cn10)
  12. I can develop a theatre work that identifies and questions cultural, global and historic belief systems. (Adv.TH:Cn11.1)
  13. I can justify the creative choices made in a devised or scripted theatre work, based on critical interpretation of specific data from research. (Adv.TH:Cn11.2)