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Use this form to begin the process of requesting accomodations on the SAT.
Use the library for a variety of resources, especially if you need access to technology or the internet. You can schedule a time to secure access to the tools you need.
Students should take quizzes on this site to inform themselves and the teacher about their learning styles and strengths.
Donors Choose is a website designed to provide grants for classroom projects. Grant applications will be completed from time to time. Check the site for updated projects you and your network of family and friends can support.
World History students should use this map as a reference for certain assignments.
Students on my caseload should use this program for extra help in math. See Mr. Villarreal for help in creating your account and plan.
Use this link to upload writing assignments. Writing assignment are submitted so that students can get immediate edits and the teacher is able to immediately check for originality.
Students should use this link to access their account in typing club. This keyboarding program is used to increase speed.
Students should use this site for vocabulary activities and review.
Use this link to participate in in-class polls and surveys. We use this many times to get immediate student responses.
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