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Academic Program

New Media Academy students will complete an A-G course of study from 9th - 12th grade. 
Along with their core content studies, students will choose between two Career and Technical Education pathways - either video production or animation.
Instruction in English, social studies, math, science and technical elective classes is based around interdisciplinary, thematic units with performance-based authentic assessments. 
Click on the image below for our grade-level course of study.  Color-coded courses note those classes to which students travel with their grade-level cohorts
Grade 9:
Drawing for Design A/B (F requirement)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is focused on introducing students to the fundamentals of visual communication through the practice of drawing. Students will gain knowledge and more thorough understanding of visual communication and design through an appreciation, study and practice of drawing. Students will analyze works of art from around the world,identifying applications toward design using content-specific language. This course is intended to build a strong foundation of understanding of the principals of design through traditional design and fine art practices. The first three units of the course are dedicated to the history and technique of drawing with a special emphasis on Western, representational drawing techniques, while the last four units are dedicated to using drawing to solve problems unique to the field of Graphic Design.

Grade 10:

Students will take courses that are part of a grade-level team centered on World History and English 10, connecting thematically to other content areas.   Math and science instruction will also be interdisciplinary and project-based, connecting to other grade-level courses when feasible. Students that did not start a language other than English (LOTE) in the 9th grade will start in 10th. Pathway courses selections will be Video Production 1 or Conceptual Design. Students will participate in a job shadow experience have industry professionals provide feedback for their projects.

Grade 11: 

The core humanities academic course of study will center on the 11th grade team of American Literature (or Ap Literature) and United States History (or U.S. History), linking with the intermediate CTE courses of Video Production 2 or Animation 1 through the project-based curriculum. Professionals will work with students in the classroom and help assess semester-end student presentations in formal settings provided by community partners such as the Egyptian Theater. At this level, the students will also be offered a variety of industry related internship opportunities as well as college field trips and planning workshops.


Based on their Individual Graduation Plan, students will enroll in math and science instruction that best supports their goals. A full scope of options including general education, honors and advanced placement options will be available to New Media Academy students. These courses will continue to be interdisciplinary and project-based, connecting to other grade-level courses when feasible. Students will also complete their service learning by the end of this year.

Grade 12: 

The focus this year will be on the completion of a rigorous senior exhibition that will be judged by a panel of peers, teachers and community representatives. Students will engage in required A-G coursework while planning and implementing an ambitious community engagement project that incorporates new media and technology. This work will take place primarily in their English Language Arts class and their capstone, or third-year CTE course Video Production 3 or Animation 2.