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Precalculus Resources

Best Resources Always  It's an equation solver, a simplifier, a graphing calculator. It's everything  A good graphing calculator online Check your odds online. Ask me for the password

Trig Flashcards- Good practice

Degrees and Radians 
 (Unit 1) 


Angular and Linear Velocity
 torque applet- Bugs on a Record Player

The Six Trig Functions

The Unit Circle (Unit 2)

Unit Circle In Radians- Geogebra Applet

Solving Right Triangles (Unit 3)
Lessons TheMathPage

Heading and Bearing 

Graphing Trig Fuctions (Unit 4)

Ron Blond Transformation Grapher AWESOME
Purplemath- Basics Tutorial
Understanding the Sine Graph - Geogebra Demo
Understanding the Tangent Graph- Geogebra Demo
Trig Word Problems- Geogebra Concepts   Hofstra Tutorial
Graph of the Sine- Goegebra Applet
Graph of the Cosine- Geogebra Applet
Graph of the Tangent- Geogebra Applet
Graph of the Cotangent- Geogebra Applet
Graph of the Secant- Geogebra Applet
Graph of the Cosecant- Geogera Applet
Biorhythms Intmath
                 Good Applet 1

Analytic Trigonometry (Unit 5)
Trig Identities
Giant List of Trig Identities- Wiki 
Trig Cheat Sheet - GREAT! 
Trig Identity Flashcards- Complex  but good
Evaluating Using Identities- Purplemath tutorial

Solving Oblique Triangles (Unit 6)
Textbook 7.2, 7.3, 7.4

Triangle Solver-   CHECK YOUR HW here. (don't cheat- show work)

Regents Prep- Law of Sines and Cosines Lesson

Law of Sines- 

The Oblique Case Applet - from Ted Coe's Geogebra Applets

Sine Area Formula

Heron's Law

Graphing and Functions (Unit 7)

1.1 Rectangular Coordinates/Graphing Utilities
Objective 1: Use the Distance Formula- Khan
Objective 2: Use the Midpoint Formula - Khan

Using A Graphing Calculator

2.1 Functions

Linear Equations
2.2 Graphs of Functions

Functions Notation f(x)

2.3 Properties of Functions

Domain and Range

Symmetry- Even and Odd Functions

2.4  Line of Best Fit Linear Regression
Hofstra Regression Calculator

Library of Functions

Absolute Value

Piecewise Functions

Transformation of Functions

Composite Functions

Inverse Functions

Quadratic Functions

Systems of Equation Solver- Use to Find the Coeffecients a, b, and c given 3 points on a parabola

Quadratic Regression

Quadratic Best Fit on a TI 84

Quadratic Regression Calculator

Quadratic Best Fit Calculator

Polynomial Functions and Roots

Don't forget Wolframalpha finds roots... Fooplot makes good graphs as does desmos

Polynomial Root Solver from SolvemyMath

Lesson- Solving Polynomials in Color

Multiple Roots/Multiplicity from The Math Page

Roots and Multiplicity Geogebra Applet

Polynomial Calculators from

Arithmetic Operations With Polynomials - This calculator performs arithmetic operations with polynomials i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Synthetic Division Calculator - Divide polynomials, Determine remainder, Check if $x-c$ is factor. .

Expand and Simplify Polynomials - This calculator will expand and simplify any polynomial. To see 

Polynomial Roots Calculator - finds the roots of any polynomial.

Factoring Polynomials Calculator - This online calculator writes a polynomial as a product of linear factors.

Polynomial Generator from Roots - This calculator can generate polynomial from given roots.

Polynomial Graphing Calculator - With this calculator you can calculate and graph: the roots (x-intercepts), signs, Local Maxima and Minima, Increasing and Decreasing Intervals, Points of Inflection and Concave Up/Down intervals.

Polynomial Inequalities
Purplemath Tutorial

Khanacademy Videos on Quadratic Inequaities
  1. Quadratic Inequalities
  2. Quadratic Inequalities (Visual Explanation)

Synthetic Division

Mathworld Explanation

Notes from The Math Page

Synthetic Division Calculator - With Kitties!

Rational Functions 3.3-3.5

Purplemath Tutorial

  1. Asymptotes of Rational Functions
  2. Another Rational Function Graph Example
  3. A Third Example of Graphing a Rational Function
Rational Inequalities

Rational Inequalities- PurpleMath

KhanAcademy Videos
  1. Rational Inequalities
  2. Rational Inequalities 2
Additional content

Partial Fraction Decomposition 10.5
Heaviside Method


  1. Partial Fraction Expansion 1
  2. Partial Fraction Expansion 2
  3. Partial Fraction Expansion 3


Exponential Functions

KhanAcademy Videos
  1. Exponential Growth Functions
  2. Ex: Graphing exponential functions
Transformation of Exponential Functions

Logartihmic Functions

KhanAcademy Videos
  1. Logarithms
  2. Ex: Converting an exponential to logarithmic statement
  3. Simplifying logarithms
  4. Fancier logarithm expressions
  5. Simplifying logarithms 2
  6. Graphing Logarithmic Functions

Exponential Applications

Compound Interest

Financial Calculator on a TI 85=4

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Simulator

WebMath Compount Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Webquest

Khan Videos

Introduction to interest

Interest (part 2)

Introduction to compound interest and e

Compound Interest and e (part 2)

Compound Interest and e (part 3)

Compound Interest and e (part 4)

Introduction to Compound Interest

The Rule of 72 for Compound Interest

The Rule of 72 Wikipedia

Exponential Regression

Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression

Deriving Exponential Equations From 2 Points

Finding Exponential Equation from 2 points - YouTube

Mortgage Calculator.Net  - This site has a lot of cool online calculators including finding out which day your were born on. But you might be interested in the mortgage calculator itself. Thanks to Ms. Ashline's kids for pointing it out!


Spirograph- Wikipedia

Parametrics 9.7

50 FAMOUS CURVES- Inspiration for Parametric and Polar Art


Online Parametric Grapher

  1. Parametric Equations 1
  2. Parametric Equations 2
  3. Parametric Equations 3
  4. Parametric Equations 4

Projectile Motion
GAME: Project Trig

Projectile Launcher Applet


Polar Point Plotter

Polar Gallery- Desmos


Polar Coordinates 1 

Polar Coordinates 2

Polar Coordinates 3

David Little's Polar Grapher
- Excellent Applet Links Rectangular and Polar GRaphs

Unit 10 Vectors and DeMoivre's Theorems