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A-G Requirement

To be able to apply to a California State University (CSU) and a University of California (UC), students must complete the A-G courses. These courses are design to prepare students for the rigor of a college education. Read below to learn more about the A-G!
ALL A-G courses must be passed with a C or higher. However Passes ("P") will be accepted for the Winter 2020 through Spring 2021 school year.
Please note that not ALL classes taken in high school are A-G courses. Some of the non A-G courses are ROTC, PE, and Leadership. Check if the classes you are taking are A-G in the websites listed below. 
The A-G requirements are slightly different between the UC and the CSUs. See the differences in the matrix below:
Are you on track to complete the A-G requirements? Use the checklist by UCLA below to see. Speak to your academic counselor to make sure you're scheduled to take the classes that you need!